Saturday, July 13, 2013

Amanda's got herself a hobby

So, you might have noticed I have mentioned a charity that I am working with a few times on twitter. If you haven't noticed... screw you man, my tweets are serious business.
 Here is a little back story:
I met Lauren and Mark Teahen early this year through friends and they introduced me to Chrysalis. Good story, right? All joking aside, it's a great organization that helps people get out of abusive situations. They have so many resources and outlets for these families to rehabilitate them and secure their independence and safety. After talking with some of the people there I knew I wanted to help out some way.. so here I am keeping myself busy and helping people in our new community.
One thing that I am especially excited about is helping the shelter plan their charity event. Two days of drinking, eating, golfing with local athletes, and bidding on auction items... sounds like a fun time to me!
I will probably mention it a few more times as the planning continues, but that's just because I want all you guys to get involved with me.
I would love for you guys to donate, attend the events with me and Brandon, bid on items, or just get read along. :)

So, that's everything. Unless you want me to go on and on and on about various cleanses, workouts and gluten free foods I am eating :) no? not now? Ok, I will save that for another post (since my husband as banned me from cleanse talk on twitter)


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