Saturday, July 2, 2011

Girls night in

After a long week of team/city hopping it is nice to be back in a familiar place, and (most importantly) on a "regular" schedule. The morning after we got back from Stockton Brandon and I had be at the park bright and early to help out with 'Rootbeer Float Day'. I absolutely love to help out with charity events, so even though I was working with about 6 hours of sleep I was more than happy to come and lend a hand! The event was a success raising over $29,000 for Juvenile Diabetes.  
The girls all came to lend a helping hand, and I must say these girls are by far the closest group of baseball girls that I have ever met.. 

I feel very fortunate to have met these girls. Hopefully, we will stay in Oakland a little longer so I can get to know them even more!

It took me about 6 hours to catch up on my  'housework' (so domestic, ha) so when game time came around I was just too tired to make it.. so why not have a girls night in and watch the game?.. GENIUS!
An amazing baseball girl that I met this year came over for a little homemade meal and wine.. always WINE!
We started with a little fresh mozzarella and peppadews on homemade crostinis. And I wish I knew what the wine was.. all I remember was that it was a pinot.. no idea the name! Sorry rookie mistake, I know
 Since this was an impromptu dinner I just threw together some ingredients that I had in the fridge.. And since the break is coming up I wanted to use up some of my food before it went bad! It is always a race against time in my fridge!
This dinner was beyond easy.. Lobster ravioli and sauteed spinach. I squeezed a half a lemon, added tsp butter, a splash EVOO, a few pinches of red chili pepper flakes, a little parm and salt and pepper.
Dinner was light and delicious..
We had fun catching up, watching the game and drinking our wine.. I think we stumbled onto something great, maybe even a new weekly tradition! 

Next up: Baseball, fireworks.. AND no more rehab! 


  1. Sounds like you had some well deserved R&R after be-bopping between Sac and (gasp!) Stockton... yeah, an d it seems like this group of wives are close and involved like back in 88-90 or so- glad for you all, seeing as ,any of you are displaced from "home" and find yourself in a new home for most of the year... and for the most part, WE FANS hope you (and your husbands) all stick here for awhile too!

  2. Sounds like a great dinner and a fun time, but I find the rootbeer floats for Juvenile Diabetes kinda funny. :)

  3. Same observation I made a couple of years ago Michelle RBFs for JDRF???

    Tons of hollow calories and carbs, 0 nutritional value... BUT a 'fun product' easy to serve and all ingredients donated